9 September 2015

Caring for Gender Non-conforming Young People E-learning Resource

In 2014, On Road Media and My Genderation worked in partnership with GIRES and Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust on their e-learning course to help professionals and families understand the needs of young gender non-conforming people. The full resource; Caring for Gender Nonconforming Young People, is available on their website. Below is the promotional trailer.

The course is free, easily accessible online and takes around 45 minutes to complete. It is designed for healthcare staff of all levels and disciplines (not just those working in mental health), as well as support staff and those from the private healthcare sector. It is also suitable for people working in education and provides information for the families of these young people.

It provides an optional test, as well as a certificate of completion that enables users to earn CPD points.

On Road,

Project Manager for On Road.