10 September 2014

DJ, Billy-Joe, shares the highs and lows of transitioning

Billy-Joe is a 25 year old trans man who was born and bred in Cardiff, but he’s been working as a DJ in a Bristol nightclub for the past four years. In this video, we meet his long-time friend, Kerry, who has supported him through some of his toughest times: losing his flat, his job, and his girlfriend all in the same week. From overheating and binding with bandages, Billy-Joe takes us through his journey of worrying about passing as male to finally getting top surgery.

The film is part of the Patchwork Stories series that looks at the lives of transgender people of all ages and backgrounds around the UK. The series was commissioned by All About Trans and produced by Lucky Tooth Films in collaboration with Channel 4.

Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox of Lucky Tooth have been making films together since meeting on the Channel 4 series My Transsexual Summer in 2011. To hear them talking about the making of the Patchwork series and see clips, click here.

Other films in the series introduce models, soldiers, artists, musicians, activists and psychics, who just happen to be trans – as well as their friends, partners and families.

In 2015, Channel 4 host a selection of the short films on ‘Shorts’, available to watch on All4 at www.all4.com. Shorts are Channel 4’s original short form videos on 4oD.

All About Trans