6 October 2015

Exclusive release of My Trans Story on All 4

We have some exciting news!

Over the last year and a half we have been working with filmmakers Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox, both young trans men, on a series of short films about British transgender and non-binary people called ‘My Trans Story’. From October 2015, Channel 4 are featuring a selection of these films on their website as part of their transgender season which began last week.

‘My Trans Story’ is a series of short films about a diverse group of trans people who have made massive changes in their lives to reflect their true identities. The series is hosted by ‘4Shorts’ on All 4 and on All 4’s Education Hub, AmINormal?  The shorts were created by Fox and Lewis from Lucky Tooth Films (aka My Genderation) as part of an All About Trans collaboration that seeks to change the way transgender people are understood and portrayed in the media.

My Trans Story_EpisodeFive_Gemma And Ben_V2

The stories come from naval officers, spiritual mediums, mothers, models, young people and artists. In total, 25 films were produced in 2014 and 8 were selected by Channel 4. The remaining films are on the All About Trans website and My Genderation You Tube and two are expected to be released online before the end of 2015.

Filmmaker Fox Fisher:  “After both meeting on ‘My Transsexual Summer’, Lewis and I combined our interest in making film with telling accurate and engaging trans stories. It means a lot to have full backing and trust from our emerging community which encompasses every type of person imaginable. Gender expression is integral to who we are and we’ve seen so much change in the past few years. We’ve worked with All About Trans for a number of projects and it felt right to return to Channel 4, this time as filmmakers.”

My Trans Story_EpisodeEight_CJ_V1
Producer Alana Avery, who manages the All About Trans project for On Road Media said: “There’s been a positive increase in trans visibility since Channel 4’s ‘My Transsexual Summer’ in 2011. ‘My Trans Story’ is only a small reflection of the rich and diverse trans community and we hope they will show that these individuals are not only trans, but have successful careers, loving families and supportive relationships. We’re delighted to have Channel 4’s support in bringing about better representation of trans people in the UK – it’s time to celebrate gender diversity.”

My Trans Story_EpisodeTwo_Alice_V1

Filmmaker Lewis Hancox: “It has been an incredible experience, travelling the country and meeting such a diverse range of inspiring trans people. Before featuring in ‘My Transsexual Summer’, alongside Fox, I hadn’t met anyone transgender before. Being relatively new to the community, this project has opened my eyes to the variety of identities and has been a great learning experience. I love to combine my passion for film with spreading awareness. One of the main messages we want to get across is that we are all so much more than transgender, and so it was important that we captured people in their natural environment, talking about passions, hobbies, relationships… I’d like to think that these films could offer a more genuine insight into the lives of trans people.”

We’re extremely proud to have worked closely with Fox and Lewis on this project. We graciously thank everyone involved – without them the series wouldn’t have been possible. We hope you enjoy the films as much as the team enjoyed creating them!

Watch the full series on All 4.

Here’s a trailer for all the films created as part of the Patchwork series.

On Road,

Project Manager for On Road.