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Bringing together trans people and media professionals to encourage greater understanding and inspire positive relationships that lead to better portrayal. 

Lewis on the interaction speaking to actress Modupes Adeyeye and Executive Producer Bryan Kirkwood

Lewis Hancox on the Hollyoaks interaction speaking to actress Modupes Adeyeye and Executive Producer Bryan Kirkwood

We are working with trans and non-binary people across the UK to support them to carry out interactions with local or national media professionals (e.g. radio/television presenters, journalists, editors, producers, commissioners etc.). 

An interaction is a safe, informal, positive, social meet-up between trans people and media professionals, designed to build relationships, encourage greater understanding leading to better portrayals of trans people in the media. We work with anyone who identifies along the trans spectrum (binary, non-binary, genderqueer, to name but a few).

Ellen Branagh, Press Association and CJ

Ellen Branagh, Press Association and CJ

An interaction allows media professionals and trans people the opportunity to get to know each other in a unique setting at a convenient time. It is a social meeting where the journalist is not lectured about what to say and what not to say about trans people, but is invited instead to have an enjoyable 2 hours of conversation with a group of diverse trans people who will challenge their perceptions, build an emotional connection between both parties and leave them wanting to learn more. It involves anything from a trip to a local attraction, to coffee at their favourite place around the corner from work, to a picnic in the park. To read more about the interactions and what happens during them, read about them here.

We want to move media professionals by introducing them to some inspirational and talented trans people who may challenge their preconceptions of what ‘transgender’ means in a really positive and enjoyable way. Through these relationships, media professionals are moved to become champions or allies and create more sensitive portrayals of trans people in their work. They are also more inclined to work closely with trans and non-binary people they know on new ideas and projects.

Sabah on an interaction with UKTV

Ludo on an interaction with UKTV

Each interaction is led by an All About Trans Facilitator and arranged by the On Road team. The results of each interaction are published online and shared through our existing networks of trans organisations and key figures in the media, helping to build a movement of trans people who are engaged with civic action that leads to positive outcomes for their community. With our support, trans people are encouraged to build up local support from other trans people, family and friends around the work they are doing with their local media. To get involved, sign up.

If you would like to be involved and / or support the work, we’d love to hear from you. You can follow us on Twitter @AllAboutTrans and ‘like’ us on Facebook for regular updates.