10 August 2015

Here’s why Lewis Hancox made a video about how trans guys have sex

Blogged by Lewis Hancox, filmmaker and All About Trans Ambassador

I love to create content that combines comedy with education. I think that’s the best way to engage people and I’ve always had a humorous approach to more serious topics.

The catalyst for the video below, ‘How Do You Have Sex? (As a Transgender Guy)’ was the reaction to the Buzzfeed piece I did; ’18 Things Trans Men Are Tired of Hearing’. People were commenting saying I should be educating them with details rather than telling them off for asking questions. While I stand by the fact that it is rude to ask someone you barely know such a personal question, I do think that misconceptions are never gonna be challenged if we don’t open up.

There have been a few times when people have found out my girlfriend is straight, they say ‘well how does that work?’ And I have also heard a few straight girls or gay guys say they could never get with a trans guy. And I always think ‘why not?’ Every guy is different, regardless of being trans. And trans guys aren’t really that different from non-trans guys. That’s what I wanted to prove with the video, and also give other trans guys hope too.

The video has been featured on Cosmopolitan and The Independent’s i100.

Check out Lewis’ You Tube channel, aka Mr Lewzer, for more trans advice videos, comedy shorts and short films.

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