19 November 2015

Jesse and Ollie on BBC Radio 4’s Listening Project!

We were delighted to hear Jesse and Ollie from Dorset talk about their lives as non-binary people yesterday morning on BBC Radio 4’s Listening Project!

These two young people are from the T-group of Space Youth Project, who we had the pleasure of working with over the last year. The group does fantastic work in and around Dorset to support LGBT youth. Huge thanks to Daniel Shute for working with the young people and co-ordinating the recording.

Dan told us:

“The weekly group provides a safe place for Dorset young people, up to 25, to be themselves, to be supported, to access information that they need, and importantly to be around others that are feeling the same. Hopefully Jesse and Ollie have made people start to think about the implications of gender and that some people’s journeys are not as easy as others.” 

The Listening Project is a partnership between BBC Radio 4, BBC local and national radio stations, and the British Library.  It is about creating space for a person and their loved one to have the conversation they had always meant to have. Some of these conversations are being broadcast across BBC radio and archived by the British Library, for future generations to listen to.

Jo Loosemore, from BBC Radio Devon who produced the recording told us, when asked about the interview:

“It was a pleasure to record Jesse and Ollie’s conversation and a privilege to listen to them. They shared thoughts on identity and gender with openness, honesty, maturity and candour. Without doubt, their conversation is a very important contribution to the Listening Project.”

You can listen to it again online, or hear the repeat on BBC Radio 4 at 2.45pm this Sunday 22nd of November.

And keep your eyes peeled for the next Listening Project recording with two more All About Trans volunteers in early December!

On Road,

Project Manager for On Road.


  • Anni Hat on November 26, 2015:

    iPlayer is difficult to access, is the recording available anywhere else?

    • On Road on January 26, 2016:

      We don’t think so, unfortunately, but it might be worth a Google.