13 November 2015

Join our talent register!

Every now and then we hear about casting calls for a soap on television, or a journalist contacts us for a quote on a topical issue, or an author calls us for advice. We always try to respond and link them to someone interested and willing to speak about that particular issue from the trans community. Our list of spokespeople is growing and we’re always keen to have new trans and non-binary voices from around the UK. One of our aims at All About Trans is to promote trans voices in the media.

We’ve developed a simple register of talent, which is a spreadsheet list of people from the trans community who have skills (and aspiring) in film, journalism, television, radio, performance, music, acting, art, graphic & web design and various other creative areas. We’re keen to develop this into something more official but at the moment it’s a simple list.

So, if you’re anywhere in the UK and would like to be on the list to hear about opportunities directly from us please fill out this simple form. (If you want us to share your exhibition/gig/event or any kind of project with our networks, feel free to fill out the form too or contact us on social media). We never share contact details of anyone on the list without their permission first. We can’t guarantee anything will come about from being on the register but if you’re on the list you will be notified of upcoming and relevant opportunities if and when they arise. You won’t be swamped with emails, we promise!

Please take a minute to fill out the form below. We’d love to hear from you!

Please keep following our Facebook page or Twitter for regular updates.

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