8 September 2015

Trans Toilet Tips featuring Lewis Hancox

The bathroom can be hard to navigate for a transgender person early on in their transition. Lewis Hancox, filmmaker and co-founder of My Genderation, made this comical advice video for trans and non-trans people, talking all things toilets. He educates us on toilet usage if you’re trans, tips for organisations or schools and shares a few of his own hilarious experiences.

Lewis told us:

“I wanted to tackle toilets as a topic because when you’re first transitioning, using the right bathroom can be really scary for almost every trans person. There aren’t many situations these days that separate genders, but toilets have always been a reminder that there is still a social divide. It’s a place where fear or not ‘passing’ is heightened massively. Though it was over six years ago, I remember the feeling well.

I also think that organisations need to be educated so that they understand why they should be supporting trans people in using the right bathroom. So this video is hopefully offering advice to everyone, trans or not.”

Lewis also produced a very open and honest video about sex and how trans guys have sex which was inspired by his feature on Buzzfeed ’18 Things Trans Men Are Tired of Hearing’ and featured on the Independent’s i100 and Cosmopolitan. Here’s why he made that video.

He said: “I am really enjoying making these lighthearted advice videos. To use my passion for comedy in an educational sense is really rewarding for me. I get to make people laugh whilst knowing I’ve helped the community in some small way  – there’s no better combination!”

Check out his Mr Lewzer You Tube channel and read about his work behind the scenes at Hollyoaks.

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