31 October 2017

Trans related media: four brilliant examples and a checklist on producing it

Welcome to our latest blog. We’re sharing some inspiring trans-related media that we’ve come across recently, as well as some handy tips for producing excellent content. Alongside the growing visibility of transgender and non-binary people, there’s a huge number of articles, TV programmes, interviews and films about trans matters that are being created.

To showcase the great work being done in the media and to inspire those who plan to create trans content, the All About Trans Advisory Group have put together four positive examples of trans created or themed media. This is by no means an extensive list – we’re always on the look-out for inspiring content.

They have collaborated with the award-winning Young Adult fiction author, Juno Dawson to create a handy checklist for those working on trans themed media. It’s a helpful way to make sure everyone’s work is representative, inspiring and relevant.

We hope you enjoy checking out the examples suggested and find it useful if you’re creating new and exciting content. Be inspired!

Four examples of trans-related media content

Token podcast: The gender quiz 

The dating app Tinder lets you state your gender in your own words, and provides a list of options in addition to ‘female’ and ‘male’. The Guardian’s Token podcast team thought the obvious response to this news was to have a quiz.


Leo’s Anti-Bullying Advice

As part of CBBC’s My Life series, Leo shares his top 5 tips for coping with bullying. You might remember him from I am Leo, the Children’s BAFTA award-winning documentary. This is a great example of a trans person talking about something unrelated to being trans.


As We Are 

An award-winning LGBTQ+ web series, co-created by and featuring trans people, providing an authentic script and storyline. Set in Brighton, it’s a four-part series about love, friendship, identity, and the complexities of attraction.


Her Story

A six episode US web series about two trans women in Los Angeles who have given up on love, when a chance encounter gives them hope. It explores how these women navigate the intersections of label identity and love. Co-written by Jen Richards and Laura Zak, Her Story features predominantly LGBTQ+ women, on and off-screen.

Six steps to producing top class trans-related content

Are you writing an article, producing a film or directing a documentary about trans people? Do you know of someone creating trans-related content? The All About Trans Advisory Group have worked with author Juno Dawson to create a short checklist to help.

Have a look at the questions below. If you can safely answer “yes” to all six, you’re well on your way to creating authentic and interesting content. If there are some “no” answers still there, it might be helpful to reach out to a trans consultant or consider working more closely with trans people to develop your idea.

Ask yourself

  1. Have we run our idea past at least three trans people of different backgrounds (age, gender identity, ethnicity)?
  2. Are trans people’s identities respected; not being debated or questioned by people who are not trans themselves?
  3. Have we made sure that we’re not telling this story just because someone is trans?
  4. Have we looked at the whole person, their passions, achievements and interests, rather than looking only at their gender identity?
  5. Have we checked (and double checked) that any statistics used are correct, backed up and haven’t been discredited?
  6. If your best friend was trans, would you be happy with them seeing your work?

These six questions are just a starting point, as there are many elements to consider, but we hope they’re helpful.

We’d love your thoughts on other examples of trans created or themed media content. You can share your ideas with us through our Twitter (@AllAboutTrans), Facebook or via our website.

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