14 October 2013

This year’s Pink List and All About Trans

pink listYesterday’s Independent on Sunday’s Pink List made very satisfying reading as 16 trans* people made it into the top 101 most influential LGBT people in the UK. And, if that wasn’t exciting enough, our very own Paris Lees made it to number one. We’re delighted to say we know and / or have worked with many of the trans* winners and the list reflects all the hard work, innovation, commitment, bravery and talent that has been shown in the last few years from individuals and groups across the trans* community. Huge congratulations to everyone involved, both on the list and behind the scenes.

Pink List and All About Trans

We’ve always known we’ve kept good company at All About Trans but a brief glance at the list demonstrates the calibre of our facilitators, volunteers, advisors and influencers.

Pink List

Paris Lees (#1), has been our lead facilitator at most of the interactions and has advised on the work throughout. We’ve worked with her since she helped On Road Media organise a workshop back in 2010, and her ability to be kind yet firm with journalists (along with a good dose of the Paris charm) makes her a powerful influencer that we’re proud to work with. Fox and Lewis from My Genderation (#79) have both volunteered on interactions, with Fox facilitating on occasion, including at the recent Daily Mail interaction which went so well – Fox, his dad Bryan, and Paris were quite the dream team. Jackie Green at #8 helped us at Trans Camp and has volunteered on interactions with an abundance of energy, honesty and intelligence. Her mum Susie (not on the list but certainly deserves acknowledgement), behind the excellent organisation Mermaids, has also been a great help with advice and guidance since we met her in 2010. Jennie and Helen from Trans Media Watch (#13) have been involved with their colleague Christabel on the advisory group for All About Trans and it’s through TMW that we originally met Paris, Sarah and Jo, all of whom have played an instrumental role in influencing and shaping this project (and many others) so far.

Paris engages with Ben Stephenson, BBC Controller of Drama

Paris and Jon engage with Ben Stephenson, BBC Controller of Drama

We’re also happy to know Tara Hewitt (#43), a favourite Twitter contributor and someone we learn from a lot. In the same camp, Juliet Jacques (#60), CN Lester (#41), Roz Kaveney (#61) and Natacha Kennedy (#69) regularly inspire and inform us. Natacha helped us with the very first workshop we did by organising the venue at Goldsmiths, and Roz provided invaluable contributions at Trans Camp in January 2012, forming part of the winning team.

It was at Trans Camp where we also met Dan Bunker (#50) and Patrick Strudwick (#56) who have been consistent supporters of the work. And finally, Jay Stewart (#96) from Gendered Intelligence has also been an advisor and friend and we’re looking forward to working with him and GI in more depth with the new project starting this autumn.


Pink List Judge Christine Burns retired from activism before we began working on this project so, unfortunately, we’ve never had the chance to work with her. But we benefit enormously from working with her colleagues and the new generation of young trans* activists who have learned so much from her and benefited from the work she and others have done in this area. Our thanks go to her for supporting so many wonderful trans* people and allies which have made it on the list.

All of this just makes us even more excited about our new project and the year ahead, announced last week. Read about it here.

If you would like to be involved and / or support the work, we’d love to hear from you.


On Road, Project Manager for On Road.